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Dr. Melba S.

MOOD & CANCER? As a fellow Ph.D., I must attest that Dr. Elena is not only sweet and brilliant but also highly-knowledgeable and passionate about helping others. Many of my clients suffer from anxiety and depression and she helps them to naturally regulate their serotonin intestinal production. I am currently undergoing cancer treatments and she has been more than a blessing by helping me get rid of food that feeds my cancer. She even helped me buy and cook healthier food (see photo)! First time I see someone decode even hidden ingredients from cans and products!! Don't waste your time and money guessing... do your family a favor and call her. 


Paul C.

I've been dealing with high cholesterol for the past 5 years. I've done so many diets and tried so many things. About a year ago I went vegetarian to lower my numbers. Even that wasn't working. I needed professional help and am so glad I found Elena. She changed my life. My numbers were back to normal after only six weeks and I've felt the healthiest I've been ever. I'm at a weight that I haven't been since I was 19. I loved that she focuses on what is healthy specifically for me. This made the guessing of what's good and what's not, a thing of the past. I am forever thankful for her help. She will definitely help you if you trust her and follow her guidelines.


Majel M.

Thanks to Elena, my health is on track!  In August of 2016, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  This was one more health condition to add to my high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  My body was on a downward spiral. Since starting my sessions with Elena last October, all three issues are significantly better!  The arthritis pain in both my hands had progressed to where I could no longer hold a pen let alone write with one.  After following Elena's program I am signing my name with ease!  I have also been able to discontinue two of my medications.  On top of the boost in health (and the 15 pound weight loss!) I have learned so much from her.  I now know how to prepare healthy dishes, make better choices, and live a cleaner life.  Fortunately our connection doesn't end with the sessions.  I can contact her for advice, recipes, or information and she promptly responds.  I feel so very grateful to have found her!


Pricila Ibern

Elena is a great health coach! I decided to get her services because due to my stressful job my life was not the same. I used to feel really tired all day long and without energy to do anything. In addition, I was eating pretty badly and I was getting sick frequently.
Since I'm consulting with Elena my life is back on track! The daily protocol she has sent me to follow plus her delicious recipes have changed my life!
Each day I feel more energized to move forward. The stress has greatly diminished, which makes my days more positive.
I recommend Elena's services 100% with Elena your health will be on the right track!


Kathy R.

I had some issues that I had dealt with for many years. A friend of mine told me about Elena. She said, "I know you have seen other nutritionists in the past and they haven't helped but I really believe that she can help you!"  My husband and I both decided to see her.  We have had amazing results! We now have a healthier lifestyle of eating. We enjoy the clean foods that are prepared. We have lost the unhealthy fat. My heartburn is gone; no more otc meds! I also love the fact that she taught me how to use the purest ingredients on my skin and how important that is because what you put on your skin is going into your body!
Elena is one of the most kindest, caring, brilliant health coaches around! She knows what she is talking about and whats important to me is that she cares about the people she is working with. Thank you Elena! Forever grateful!!


Karin R.

Dr. Elena Maganto changed my life.  When I got serious about losing my baby weight, I hired Elena.  I wanted to lose 10 pounds in 3 months, but was concerned about a big diet change, and how it may affect breastfeeding.  As it turns out, that was the least of my worries!  
Elena determined that I had "leaky gut" and "candida overgrowth" which was causing inflammation.  With Elena's support, I was able to switch my family to a healthy lifestyle by incorporating wholefoods, appropriate supplements, exercise regimens, and de-stressing techniques.
I got a crash-course in healthy and unhealthy food.  As I learned more about the effects of various foods on my health and well being (and my family) I slowly began to give up all of the toxins I had grown accustomed to.  
The most valuable service that Elena provided me with was 24/7 support and accountability. After 3 months I easily lost 10 lbs, and have much more energy.  I now have healthier thick hair, my complexion is better than it has ever been, and my nails grow really fast.  Could this all be from diet?  I think so, and I am so grateful
I would highly recommend hiring Elena Maganto.  She is a great person and coach, and the results are amazing!


Kassi H.

Elena changed my life for the better!  It feels like when I met her I was beaten and broken. She helped me to sort through some health challenges, positively improve my eating and environment and definitely is an inspiration in my life!
As a Health Coach she backs up her teachings with her actions...."she walks the talk". This is hard to find. I believe I found her for a reason and I am truly grateful each day of my life to have her as my coach. 
I will recommend Elena to anyone of my friends, family and acquaintances.


Leesa S.

I went to see Elena because I was gaining a lot of weight, I felt tired, suffered from migraines and depression, terrible insomnia, blurry vision, and painful aches from being cold. My doctor just kept telling me my thyroid was fine and put me on anti depressants. After 4 months of seeing Elena and being healed by food I lost 20 lbs, I am off all medications, and have not had a single migraine. But what I really got was an entirely effective system to deal with stress and use food as medicine. Her hands on approach really arms you with knowledge to be successful at living healthy. As a nurse I highly recommend seeing her. She will change your life!


Michael M. Nishizawa

Elena worked with me for 3 months to address my acid reflux, arthritis, and high cholesterol issues. Following her expertise, the bitter taste from my acid reflux is no longer a constant issue, the constant pain of my joints in my fingers have disappeared, and I will not be taking another blood test until January 2017.
Her knowledge and personal guidance with a natural way to better heath is exceptional. I personally, would recommended Elena Maganto PhD, AADP, Nutrition Health Coach to people in need of a better way to good health.


Jade S.

Dr. Elena is a godsend.  After having 3 children, I carried around extra weight despite working out and "eating well"  (meaning, I shopped at Whole Foods and bought organic, so that must be it right?).  In addition to the weight, in the last 4 years my body has been dealing with an auto-immune condition. I felt destined to just being overweight and miserable.  I met Elena after having worked with other nutritionists.  She is different.  She is always there for you beyond your appointment time, she actually looked at my blood work and didn't try a one size fits all approach, she works with you hands on to show you HOW to make real food.  She is generous with her time and resources - each visit had a follow up email to review the session as well as recipes.  4 months and 30 lbs off.  Not one weight picked up and not one mile run.  JUST FOOD.  Not that I shouldn't be exercising but just really wanting to make the point -its what you are eating.  This investment in myself is the best money I have ever spent.  Do it.  Call her today.


Vicki Long

I went to see Elena after I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Being an RN, I knew the risks associated with high blood pressure as well as the meds used to "fix" it....I wanted nothing to do with the meds, so I looked for an alternative. Elena was very helpful, knowledgeable as well as very accepting of my resistance (or skepticism) to her suggestions.  I knew I would have to make some big changes, and big changes are always so hard for me...
She eased me into my new routine, and made it SUPER easy! I have been off my blood pressure medication with normal blood pressure for 4 months now. I learned SO much about what goes into my body and what happens when you eat the wrong food, as well as the right food. I feel so much better, don't have those sugar highs and lows, lost some weight and just feel better in general. These are changes I can live happily with. Thank you Elena.​


Nolan Hong

Dr. Elena Maganto has been an answer to my prayers! I had been suffering through several progressively worsening symptoms for the past 6 year. I felt awful and knew something was wrong with me, but after every test was taken, every specialist would tell me that I'm fine and that nothing is wrong with me. Of course, that did nothing to help me feel better dealing with the diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, fatigue, and fever symptoms every day. I had tried every time of treatment I could find with no improvement whatsoever. I finally researched online "Leaky Gut" and self diagnosed myself with it and since there weren't any doctors who knew how to diagnose or treat Leaky Gut I tried to self teach myself how to treat it. While I felt mild improvement I never quite felt like I was doing everything right, and with multiple sites giving their unique opinions and treatments, I was often left confused and frustrated. Then I found Dr. Elena, and everything changed. She knew exactly what I was going through and took the time to listen to every detail about my symptoms and follow everything I was and wasn't doing. She not only created a treatment program for me but also educated me on everything so that I could be self sufficient and continue my program on my own. That being said, she was also available to me at every moment which was huge for me! Before I met her, I would constantly have questions on if a certain food or supplement was ok for me to eat, or how often or how much I should eat or take etc, and that would get discouraging as google would have 5 different answers! Since working with Dr. Elena, I have a direct connection to her and she is able to not only answer my questions but educate me further so that I can understand why it's helpful or harmful to my recovery. Having the peace of mind know that Dr. Elena is always there to help me, is so invaluable. I am now on the road to recovery and feeling better than I have in years!


Kellie Watson

After 3 years of persistent issues, I finally found Dr. Elena who addressed the root of the problem versus the treating the symptoms. As an active and healthy individual, I am so thankful for the changes she provided to my lifestyle so that I can get maximum results for my body. I would highly recommend Dr. Elena's program to anyone willing to accept her advice and adhere to the program. Thank you Dr. Elena for everything.



A conventional doctor diagnosed me with "acid reflux" and then put me on acid blockers for the rest of my life.  It didn't seem to help me with gut pain and after doing some research on acid blockers I saw that the side effects of this medicine could be very serious, I began to look for more organic treatments as I continued to get more sick.  Fatigue, joint pain, breathlessness, I started to worry I may have something more serious.  Dr. Elena Maganto met with me and went over all of my medical tests. She encouraged some changes in my diet, helped teach me how to prepare some of these foods, gave me a variety of recipes, advised me on natural supplements and more.  She introduced me to aroma/oil therapy which, though I was skeptical, worked!  I have been a patient of hers for over 3 months now and enjoy her approach to healing.  She is kind and understanding and very supportive of your goals.  It's not easy to get well, but if you are committed, she can really help!  She is always available, even after your treatments are completed!  Much mahalo to this great lady.


William JB

I have just finished working with Dr. Maganto for 4 months now, and have had amazing results, such as my cholesterol dropping 90 points and my weight by 17 lbs, so now I don't have to use the horrible statins my Primary care Dr. prescribed.  The adjustment in my diet was not difficult and after 3 days on her plan, I was very comfortable following everything in her program and continue to this day. The education in nutrition I received will benefit my health for the balance of my life.  I highly recommend anyone who values their health to avail themselves of Dr. Maganto's immense knowledge and experience.


L & C 

We met Elena at a small gathering in November 2015 and became interested in her coaching style. We began our education and training with Elena in January 2016 and we have never felt better.We know that Elena has a heart for teaching people to eat properly and take care of their bodies. Her dedication combined with her education and experience offers more for your body, mind and spirit than we could have imagined. I have been dealing with issues due to diabetes and my wife has arthritis for over 10 years. Elena explained that many of our health problems were caused by our food choices. We “thought” we ate healthy. But after learning about 61 new names for sugar, preservatives and fats that are not healthy for your body – we are reading labels and learning products are marketed to catch your eye – appeal to your sense of quick meal preparation and budget. The truth is eating healthy is a choice and you can save money. We eat fresh greens every day. We prepare fresh foods with power and taste, less calories, and less fat than packaged foods. My sugar levels are normal now with no spikes. My wife’s arthritis is better because she now avoids foods that add to the inflammation and pain in her hands. 

She put together a personalized eating plan, including shopping for the ingredients at farmer’s market , a delicious menu packed with nutrients and easy to follow recipes. We had a cooking class. She taught us how to food combine which gets you the best results. Both of us have lost weight, lost body fat, we are not tired during the day, we don’t waste our money on fast foods and since we are getting the proper nutrients we don’t crave bad foods (sugar, salt, fat). We took a 7 day detox which was awesome and since then we have no desire for coffee or sweets (never thought that was possible since I was convinced I needed coffee every morning to begin my day). We now have energy and overall just feel better. She taught us the importance of healthy choices even when we eat out. She taught us relaxation (stress relieving) techniques. She addressed the importance of balance: body, mind and spirit. 

It has been fun and enlightening. We are so blessed to have found Elena and look forward to a long and healthy relationship. God Bless Elena!


Soraya Faris

Elena is super knowledgable about nutrition and how it effects health and wellbeing.  She specializes in dealing with inflammation in the body by helping you change the way you eat.
Both my husband and I did a detox under her guidance and felt great after, my husband lost some stubborn weight too!  I am an acupuncturist and have worked with Elena on a professional level, she is integral, intelligent and fun.  If you would like to clean up your diet, lose some weight, feel lighter, have more energy and get rid of chronic conditions, I highly recommend Dr. Elena


Roanne Abe

Elena has given me the confidence to figure out what works and does not work food wise for my body. She's patient and works with you as you go through her program. Love the support and attention she gave me. I couldn't have done her detox program without it. She gave me a new found love for Brussel sprouts.


Victoria Galazo 

I have done the Health Coaching Program with Elena (Spain-Hawaii) through Skype easily.

I had problems with recurrent Candida overgrowth and had come a few months earlier with a thyroid operation where they decided to remove it completely for a high risk of papillary carcinoma. Luckily with the removal and lifetime treatment with eutirox (thyroxine), this problem was solved. However, after talking to Elena I realized that many of my health problems could come from a poor diet.
I always had digestive problems and irritable bowel syndrome, not knowing that I was taking a number of foods that sickened me slowly.
I have learned with Elena a new way to become healthier, she has taught me, advised and guided to change my and my family daily habits. It's not an easy road, stop eating all the things you like is a great sacrifice. But you discover other unknown ingredients in food and explore new recipes and try new flavors.
I remember the first session in which Elena asked me to take pictures of my refrigerator and my pantry ... What a disaster! Discover that almost everything you're eating is packed with sugars, gluten, and a lot of "unnatural" products. She taught me to look at the back labels of all foods. After cleaning my pantry I went to the supermarket and it took me over two hours to fill my basket! I read everything, and I realized that I could not eat almost anything of what they sell in there because I was going to get worse.
After eight months working with Elena, I have reduced my weight and I don't have Candida overgrowth!
Elena has also helped me psychologically to become stronger, to make a series of decisions that scared me and blocked me, both personally and professionally. We spoke during the sessions not only about food but also about life. 
Elena, Thanks for helping me clean and heal my body and for helping me to realize that I also had to clean other facets of my life. I do not need much to live better, I only need what is right and good for my body. I hope to continue having your support and advice for long. Without realizing, you have become an important part in my life :) 


Karen T

Dr. Maganto is an expert in her topic! Easy to follow, and full of passion and compassion! She is always there when I have questions and need answers! Her background in science, and her research topics impressed me, and led me to inquire more. I highly recommend her as a teacher and coach! Thank you so much for your help and your smile, Dr. Maganto!


Claudia R

I just had my second Reiki session with Elena and it was wonderful!
I have to admit I was a real skeptic about reiki but wanted to give it a try regardless 
I am glad I did and am grateful to have found Elena, who is not only professional and talented but sweet, caring, welcoming and intelligent. She is also very reliable, which is sometimes hard to find in her field. 
I will definitely go back and am already looking forward to it


Janet D

Elena is awesome. She puts together a package that was personalized to my specific situation which is very much appreciated. After a 21 day detox, I definitely have more energy, lost weight and have a better attitude. I am hoping to integrate this approach into my lifestyle. It is also fun searching for recipes that meet this new criteria.

Maria G

I can’t say enough good things of Dr. Elena Maganto, It was like organizing all the nutrition knowledge that you hear and read, and teaching you how to put it into practice, which for me it is the biggest challenge.   Elena cares! She cares about the individual and the long term results. She not only teaches healthy eating but helps you establish healthy habits and teaches you the why of everything you eat. She is so knowledgable that she will taylor a nutrition plan according to your needs and lifestyle. She follows up with you and carefully analyzes your progress.
Her recipes are delicious and simple to do. It makes eating healthy something to look forward.  I am a woman in my 40’s approaching menopause and with 4 teenage children, I felt a strong responsibility to eat healthy and to feed my family healthy and Elena not only helped me with this but simplified it for me and help me execute it successfully.  I am so happy I found her.

Jennifer Reyes

I had the opportunity to work with Elena as my health coach for three months.  Over that time, I had the chance to make changes that really have a lasting effect and made a huge difference in the way I feel, inside and outside!  My diet is now rich in greens and whole foods...who knew a green smoothie could actually be delicious!?!  These are changes that for me, I know will be permanent and only help to keep me in shape and healthy for years to come!  Elena is also ALWAYS available for questions or advice which is so helpful as you are making your way through this journey.  My husband has lost so much weight, I am so proud of him!  It is amazing the transformation in him.  He had all of his blood work done the other day and his heart disease risk is now at a -1; all of his numbers are well within the normal values whereas before they were not.  Thanks Elena!

Enrique Nuñez

I met Dr. Elena Maganto many years ago during her PhD studies here in Spain. I was very impressed by her enthusiastic and daily work capabilities in scientific research. I am very proud of our frienship as well. When I knew that she was studying to be an expert in Nutrition and healthy diet, I had no doubt to ask for advice because of my digestive problems. Her detox program has taught me how to combine healthy foods in a variety of recipes and the most important, my gastrointestinal dysfunction went away. In addition, I  lost some weight that made me feel tired. Since then, I feel much better! Thank you for all your advices Elena.

Silvia Calpe

I did a Detox program with Elena Maganto and not only helped me shed 6 pounds and reduce inflammation and bloating, but it also served as an inspiration to start cooking healthy superfoods. The guidebook contains a lot of information on the causes of my digestive problems and offers practical tips to incorporate superfoods in your daily life and how they can be used to help you. The recipes were also perfect to easily follow this detox. Some of the recipes were surprisingly delicious and easy to make, and I will definitely cook them more often. In sum, it has been a great opportunity for me to realize that I have to start making healthy food choices to have a symptoms-free, healthy and energetic life. Thanks Elena!



During many years I felt bloated and had gas bowel movement and discomfort. I also had some belly that it was hard to get rid of, no matter what I did. It was a big deal in my day life and I didn't know why and what to do. Elena introduced me to a healthier way of eating that fits with my body and with my active physical activity. She eliminated certains foods that were causing those problems and added others that reduced the inflammation I had in my belly and heal my gut.
I am an avid hiker and I usually take a lot of snacks. I always had the uncomfortable bowel problems. We always think that granola bars from the stores and other drinks are perfect for this kind of work out, however Elena showed me how to read the labels and realized the huge amount of sugar and low nutrients in those snacks. I am not a good cooked but I have learnt with Elena how to prepare homemade easy and healthy snacks (jerky, granola bars, trail mix....) that prevent all my stomach problems and give me much more energy.
I highly recommend Elena to anyone who want to gain control of their health.

Pilar Alcaide, PhD

Dr. Elena Maganto and I have closely worked, both in Spain and in the Brigham and Women's hospital, Boston, in different biomedical research projects which had to do with studying inflammation and the immune response. I still remember when one of her research projects investigating the aspects of atherosclerosis, a vascular inflammatory disease that leads to infarct and stroke, was gaining complexity and converting into something difficult to explain by classic immune regulated mechanisms. She came up with an alternative theory that explained how atherosclerosis could be attenuated: Nutrition and healthy diet. Elena demonstrated that by providing changes in diet that included lower lipid and cholesterol load, one could engage immune regulatory mechanisms that resulted in less vascular inflammation and risk of infarct and stroke. Elena's knowledge in nutrition led to the discovery of new aspects that control a devastating disease, and demonstrated that changes in diet can be sufficient to treat disease. Elena's way of combining her knowledge in biomedical science from her training as a PhD scientist, with her knowledge and background in nutrition, is the optimal recipe that makes her be the person that will find an individualized strategy to understand how changes in diet can make a difference for your well being, either is related to a medical condition, as she demonstrated in her previous research, or to other habits that don't allow you the balance you deserve. Working with Elena is enjoyable, fun, and makes a difference in your life!

Julie Hahn

Brigham and Women's Hospital Reiki Volunteer Program 2009-2014, Boston, MA

The Integrative Care Program at BWH began in 2009. One of the first Reiki Practitoner was Elena Maganto. Elena was called to this work. Here was this Harvard Fellow called to volunteer at BWH to bring a new vision to healing. Elena's gifts embrace the best of academic medical training, but honor the ongoing dynamic of the body's natural ability to heal. Elena is the face of the the future, envisioning the power of potential of the body to heal. Namaste, Elena, Love and light.

AH Lichtman

Dr. Maganto came from Spain in 2007 to work in my biomedical research laboratory at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Her Ph.D. training provided her the expertise needed to work on a project in my lab investigating the immunological/inflammatory aspects of atherosclerotic disease.  She proved to be an outstanding fellow, working tirelessly with enthusiasm and creativity. She always showed great passion for research, and a strong interest in inflammation and related diseases. She demonstrated that hypercholesterolemia induces a high pro-inflammatory response that is not well controlled by the regulatory mechanisms the immune system usually engages to limit immune/inflammatory processes. However changes in diet to cause lipid lowering are beneficial because of enhancing those regulatory mechanisms that decrease inflammation and risk of cardiovascular disease.
I was extremely impressed with Dr. Maganto’s focus, intellect, hard work and communication skills. I must also mention that her enthusiasm and demeanor would make working with Dr. Maganto a really interesting, fun and life changing experience.
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